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Past associations include Carqueville Company, G. Schirmer, G.I.A. Publications, Hope Publishing Company, Hymn Society of America,
Jenson Publications,
Ludwig Music, Opus Music Publishers, Oregon Catholic Press, Oxford University Press, Peer-Southern,
Shawnee Press, University of Illinois Press,
Wagner Enterprises.

(William H. Wagner, 1927-2016)

Recipient of 11 Paul Revere Awards from the Music Publishers Association of the United States.
These awards were established in 1964, commemorating the 200th anniversary
of the
first music engraved in America by the famous silversmith, Paul Revere.
The award was established to recognize outstanding examples of graphic design
and honor publishers for creating art for the music industry.

The following PDF images offer examples of basic engraving styles, with thanks to the publishers and composers
for allowing a portion of their work
to be displayed here.

Excerpt from 24 Preludes for Piano by Roger Nixon 2003 Opus Music Publishers, Evanston, Illinois. Used by Permission.

 Psalm settings 1999, 2004 Brian Bloye, St. Alphonsus Church, Chicago, Illinois. Used by Permission.

Handbell example from Three Sketches 2006 Agape (division of Hope Publishing Co.) Used by Permission.

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